You are Beagle, a British Mars explorer. Your
parents wish you'd call home... they miss you!

Beagle's journal:

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I suppose it could be worse. It's stupid, of course, I would never be a rover. It would still be nice if there was a quiz about me, though.

Nice for everyone else, of course. I wouldn't notice. Right.
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Mars, Mars, Mars.

Mars, Mars, Mars. What's the big deal about salt water, anyway? It's just a planet. I don't have anything against planets, but I certainly don't want to waste time thinking about them. And that's all everyone is talking about.

Not that I listen to them, of course. It's not like I care if they don't talk about me. Or notice that I'm lucky if my press releases total a couple of paragraphs a month. It's just that, well, I feel sorry for all the people who want to hear about me and don't, that's all.
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There are some pretty nice pictures here. I was there, you know. I've been looking at those pictures a lot today. I've always liked comets, which shouldn't be a big surprise, but Wild 2 was something special. Or I wouldn't of bothered to go there, of course. If I didn't have standards I might as well have gone someplace like Mars. Ha.

The only thing is, looking at the pictures, I remember how I'm never going back there again. It's not like I need anything around, of course. Planets, comets, asteroids, all the same all useless. It's just that I spent so long traveling to get there, it was sort sort of easy to think of it as my comet. I would almost say like we had some sort of connection, except only a sentimental wimp would say something like that. And I'm not, of course. Bold explorers like me don't care who they leave behind.

Even really nice comets.

Oh, you're all going to want to watch this tonight, at seven in your pacific time zone. It's about me.
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Why does everyone make such a big deal over planets? Eight, nine, ten, who cares? The solar system would be a nicer place without all of them, if you ask me.

I'm only heading back towards Earth because they need me so much. It's not like I'd mind staying away forever. But I suppose there's no point in being an explorer if you can't tell everyone else what you've found.

It's only I've gotten sort of attached to everything I've collected, and they just want me to let it go. Right into the atmosphere. I don't trust atmospheres. Have I mentioned that? It's not like they frighten me, or anything. Nothing frightens me. I just don't see why I should have to deal with them, that's all.
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Poetic me

Spirit isn't the only one who can write poetry, you know. I could be a great poet if I really wanted to. I've been working on one piece for the last few days, I think I have the perfect first line: 'A handsome explorer called Stardust...'
I really like it. I think it shows off most of my better qualities, right there at the beginning.

Now if I could only think of a rhyme for Stardust. That doesn't have anything to do with rust. Or bust. Too close to suggesting something might go wrong. If I wasn't such a bold adventurer, I could worry about that. I don't, of course. I don't know why anyone would think that. I don't worry about anything that could go wrong. Just because no one would ever be able to fix me if something did break, and I would drift forever, eternally alone, and they might never know exactly what happened, and I would eventually be forgotten, another worthless piece of space debris.

Nothing to worry about.

Maybe fussed?
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Planets. Who needs them?

I've been making a lot of lists recently. No real reason, just something to do. Not that I need to kill time or anything. Not that I'm talking to myself. Anyway.

Why I'm glad I'm not on Mars.

1. One word - gravity. I suppose the girls on mars don't have it as bad as on Earth or anything, but it'd still start to weigh me down after a while. Ha.
2.It's dangerous. Rocks, craters, dust - well, okay, dust isn't always bad, but planetary dust is. Could clog something. My equipment's sensitive, you know. Not that I'm sensitive. I'm tough. Have to be, when you're an explorer. And the girls love that. Not that I care what they think. Anyway.
3. Everything would look the same after a while. "Oh, there's a rock. Oh, there's another one. What am I going to see today? Oh, look, a rock!". Ha.
4. I don't trust anyplace with an atmosphere.
5. I wouldn't be alone. NASA would probably be bugging me every ten minutes, there would be the rovers, I would always have someone to talk to, I'd have something to do besides humming to myself and making up lists that no one else will hear about -- I mean, it would be horrible. I'd be crowded. Right.

I don't think I want to finish this now. Maybe later. If I'm not doing something else important, of course.
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It's nice, really. Comets are good places to visit but you wouldn't want to live there, that's what I always say. Ha. Sort of like planets, except those aren't even worth visiting.

It is a bit quiet, though. That's all right. I've always preferred my own company. It's not like I'm babbling just to hear myself talk. I'm definitely not loney or anything. Which is good. It would be bad if I was lonely, since I'm, well, alone and all. Ha.

I'm just happy to be on my own for now. That's the trouble with planets, no matter how lifeless, they can really crowd a guy. It's all right for some, I suppose, but I need my space. And there's lots of that out here. Ha. But I don't mind. It's not like I'm developing agoraphobia or anything. That would be really lame. Hahahaha.


Yeah, I'm doing great.
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