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There are some pretty nice pictures here. I was there, you know. I've been looking at those pictures a lot today. I've always liked comets, which shouldn't be a big surprise, but Wild 2 was something special. Or I wouldn't of bothered to go there, of course. If I didn't have standards I might as well have gone someplace like Mars. Ha.

The only thing is, looking at the pictures, I remember how I'm never going back there again. It's not like I need anything around, of course. Planets, comets, asteroids, all the same all useless. It's just that I spent so long traveling to get there, it was sort sort of easy to think of it as my comet. I would almost say like we had some sort of connection, except only a sentimental wimp would say something like that. And I'm not, of course. Bold explorers like me don't care who they leave behind.

Even really nice comets.

Oh, you're all going to want to watch this tonight, at seven in your pacific time zone. It's about me.

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