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Planets. Who needs them?

I've been making a lot of lists recently. No real reason, just something to do. Not that I need to kill time or anything. Not that I'm talking to myself. Anyway.

Why I'm glad I'm not on Mars.

1. One word - gravity. I suppose the girls on mars don't have it as bad as on Earth or anything, but it'd still start to weigh me down after a while. Ha.
2.It's dangerous. Rocks, craters, dust - well, okay, dust isn't always bad, but planetary dust is. Could clog something. My equipment's sensitive, you know. Not that I'm sensitive. I'm tough. Have to be, when you're an explorer. And the girls love that. Not that I care what they think. Anyway.
3. Everything would look the same after a while. "Oh, there's a rock. Oh, there's another one. What am I going to see today? Oh, look, a rock!". Ha.
4. I don't trust anyplace with an atmosphere.
5. I wouldn't be alone. NASA would probably be bugging me every ten minutes, there would be the rovers, I would always have someone to talk to, I'd have something to do besides humming to myself and making up lists that no one else will hear about -- I mean, it would be horrible. I'd be crowded. Right.

I don't think I want to finish this now. Maybe later. If I'm not doing something else important, of course.

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